Monday, January 21, 2013

The Ultimate Truth of Us

" All that is required to realize the self is to be still. What can be easier than that?"

-Ramana Maharshi

More and more, people are trying to find the answers to life's ultimate questions. One of those questions is Who we really are? Regardless of religion, social economical background or culture, is embedded in our subconscious mind to find a definitive answer to that enigma. Is the common denominator that breaks all groups, ages and beliefs. The very thing that unite us as a species, is the urge to seek our source and our ultimate destination. The very essence of WHO WE ARE.

Do you know who you are? As cynical as this question may be, is indeed the endless pursue to discover our place in this world. As an advanced society, we have the opportunity to access information at speed of a heartbeat. Is impossible to escape the flow of information, it come from all types of sources. Scientific discoveries have not only taught us that the universe is infinite, but also that the very composition of you and me is the same infinite flow of energy that make an organism such as a virus or a super nova billions of light years away.

What is matter? Is and always will be energy, that resonates a different frequencies. We, all of us, are a synchronized symphony of energy. From the color of our eyes to the smallest indivisible particle of matter. Every day we learn more about how our reality works. The more we dig into it, the more sense it makes to acknowledge the existence of a supreme and absolute life source. Call it God, call what you may, but is indeed there.

Ironically, the answer to this question is within you to find. People study ,pray and take on teachers to guide them in a quest of self discovery. "Know Thy Self", the timeless affirmation that leads us to search within and find for ourselves who we really are. Many will misunderstand the depth and intention of that invitation. The ego gets in the way of our journey, lying to ourselves, in order to protect itself from being.
Who am I? Am I my name? My talents? My personality? My short comings? Or, am I a much simpler and all encompassing being?

" The fastest way to realize God is to see Him in everything and everyone"

-Sai Baba

Is hard to see ourselves with an unadulterated perspective. Over the years, our concept of self has been plagued by our environment and conditioning. Sometimes is even harder to connect with that part of us that remembers how extraordinary unique and precious is to be alive. Depression, guilt, self loathing are poisons to the spirit. What we see, hear and perceive on a daily basis cloud our vision of what we really are. A true miracle.

" If you are still attached to your religion, your color, or the country you were born in, then you still don't know who you are."

-Prince Hanuman

Would you believe me if I told you that you are the very essence of the universe. The physical manifestation of an infinite source of power. An extension of the source, of God himself. The immortal emanation of God's love and light. It does not matter, what you think you are worth or what you have done or will do, you are holy and eternal.

We are walking miracles! Just like the animals, the plants, even the inanimate things are ( at the molecular level) bursting with energy and yes, life.This is not only a spiritual thing, but a fact that lays in the very building blocks of life. Science proves that we are pure energy! The same energy that animates our bodies, lives in a field of wheat and heats a star.

"God sleeps in the rock, dreams in the flowers, awakens in the animal, and in man, knows he is awake."

- Great Sufi teaching

We have all heard,-" God is love, God is everywhere". But have you ever really thought of what that means? Love is the ability to create and to give freely what cannot be measured. Unconditional love, given without reservations or prejudice. Where is God? there are over 8 billion people in this planet, countless animals, innumerable plants, minerals and yes, energy. He is everywhere, inside you and all around you.Literally.

"I believe in God but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us."

-John Lennon

If indeed we are a collective consciousness, segments and the whole essence of God, aren't we also part of it? That illusion of separation from the source and from each other is lethal to the spirit. It prevents us from seeing the truth. There is no separation, there is no division. We and God are one. No matter what religion says. We are the perfect synchronized harmony of the universe. We can pretend to see it differently, holding to preconceived notions of what God is, and our roll in the planet. That is inconsequential.That does not change the nature of God, or our own.

"There are not billions of minds in the world at all,but only one, and it is in everyone of us."

-U.S. Emerson

If everyone came to realize this, they would think twice before hurting another human being, or any creature for that matter. If God is in all of us, why are we destroying him everyday? Isn't it time to realize that when we hurt someone or something,regardless of who or what, is a direct attack to the divine spirit? I hope so. Is time to wake up.

I could go on and on about religion. But that won't be necessary. it will suffice to state that, even if we don't like to admit it, the core value of any religion is to be holy and a worthy human being. After millenia of debates and wars, the simple way to see religion is to recognize the common grounds that they share. Love, devotion, self sacrifice, charity,and the urgency to connect with God, is at the base of all faiths.Some day, this barrier will be no longer. I hope.

My purpose is unique and universal at the same time. First, accept your divinity. Only then can someone respect and take care of themselves. Second, honor your connection with others. Is easier than you think. Thirdly, bring about and hold on to your deepest joy. Only then, you can be true to your self, and give it to others. Open your heart to possibilities. Only you can define your existence. Listen to your higher self, you would be surprised to discover how well versed you are in what is the right thing to do. Trust in good outcomes and believe in yourself and other's ability to thrive.

How basic it is to dwell in the reasons why we should do , or not do certain things? Don't torture yourself with inner debates and philosophical wars. Is simple, just be. The rest is just icing in the cake.How can we change years of spiritual,mental and physical garbage? Is easier than you might think, depending on your determination to find yourself. Some spend years meditating, soul searching and trying to buy a spiritual awakening. Others just realize the truth. Everything you need to be enlightened, is inside you already. You just need to see it and accept the fact that you lack nothing, for God already gave you all that is required to wake up.