Friday, May 10, 2013

To Mend and Keep Friendships

Maribel is once again looking at old pictures,of the self proclaimed “ Three Musketeers” back in the day. Fifty seven years; and still they call each other sisters. Jess and Martha, even though 2,000 miles away, still have that three hour phone call on Sundays with her childhood friends. Just talking about the same things, remembering the same things and reassuring each other that they still are best friends.
As with any relationship, friendship is one of the biggest blessings in existence. Only those that have experienced true kinship and connection can really relate to that scenario. Years of mutual support, the important and the mundane. Come together to form the most overlooked love of all, the love between friends.
Of course , there are going to be misunderstandings, shortcomings, and even tests of faith. No one is immune to problems and disagreements. No two people are alike. But that is the beauty of friendship, we take in this person even with flaws and see past them. The act of forgiveness is sometimes automatic,but others the need for sincere apologies, when the limits are tested, is a must to turn the page and move on.

A heartfelt apology can be the difference between, mending a relationship, or the dissolution of a partnership that could have lasted forever. Keep in mind, that as we grow older, relationships change, people change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.
Two friends can mold the way they approach each other when disagreements arise. A simple “I am so sorry” can be the difference between mending a wound or pouring salt in it. Sometimes a best friend is more than that, sometimes is the only true relationship we have and for that matter we want to nourish it so it would last.

Just like Maribel, we can relate to an old friendship that gets caught in a single memory. In some instances, was the best relationship that we had, others the bitterest experience with another human being. Most of those bad parting friends could have been resolved with a single apology? You would be surprised.
Aristotle said:- "What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies."That's why we could forgive those friends that have wronged us, indeed is like trying to forgive ourselves, liberating. Think about this, if you know you have wronged someone you love, an apology is always in order. Specially if that one is a friend. Don't let pride take away the chance to grow old with your best friend.